Menominee Park Shines Bright for the Holidays

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Celebration of Lights Oshkosh Wisconsin 2014

Oshkosh WI Christmas Lights 2014

Whether your personal holiday decoration tactics include the perilous journey up to the roof  of your house to string up a dazzling display or slapping a snow globe down on the table and calling it a day, driving around to check out the holiday lights that others in your community have put together is a long-standing custom that kids and adults alike can enjoy during the holidays. Here in Oshkosh, we’re lucky to have an annual tradition that takes these drives to a whole new level.

Since 2001, the Oshkosh Celebration of Lights has been delighting area families and attracting visitors from throughout the Fox Valley and beyond. We’ll tell you all about this year’s event so you can start planning your trip.  Continue reading

Ski’s Oshkosh is Open for Business

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Ski's Oshkosh

Ski’s Downtown Oshkosh

Newcomers to Oshkosh and the born & bred crew alike can all agree on one thing this fall: Ski’s Oshkosh is finally open, and we are all better for it. Especially for those of us living and working downtown, the necessity of driving to one of the big box grocery stores on a given weeknight for staples like bread, meat, coffee, and vegetables — a drag on our culinary inspiration if every there was one — has finally ended. Ski’s is the answer to “What can we get that’s close?” that doesn’t mean a sack of hot food plopped onto the table and our nice knife set in the kitchen — glistening, sharp, but horribly bored, unused. A walk through Ski’s Meat Market and Grocery right here in downtown Oshkosh (502 North Main Street, to be exact) and you’ll still be saddled with the question of what to have for dinner, but in the best possible way. Here’s a quick, though by no means comprehensive, virtual tour of the place to give you an idea of what we mean.   Continue reading

Time to bring the fun inside

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oshkosh winter family fun

Oshkosh Winter Activities

Winter can be a tough time for people who like to get out of the house in their free time. Sure, there are plenty of winter activities for the adventurous among us — Kids with boundless energy and adults with snow-centered hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing have a lot to look forward to. But those of us who would rather stay indoors might see winter as one long excruciatingly long dark day of couped-up cabin fever. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! There are plenty of Oshkosh winter activities (other than your standard dining and drinking options that never get old) that are well-suited for the indoor types and can help you stay on the move throughout the snowy season. Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

Going Out in Oshkosh

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Bars in Oshkosh

Alright,  so you’re in Oshkosh and you want to go out for the night. Maybe you’re meeting some friends, maybe it’s a date, maybe you’re just looking for a place to sidle up to the bar for a few hours before going home to watch The Late Show. Whatever your intentions may be, Oshkosh – and particularly downtown — probably has just the right place for you to wet your whistle.  Continue reading

Weekend Brunch in Oshkosh

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Brunch Oshkosh WI

As downtown Oshkosh continues to grow and flourish, we get more and more opportunities to experience the types of options and activities that we may have otherwise traveled out of town for: community theaters, bustling farm markets, charming shops and cafes, and that glorious staple of the American weekend known as brunch. Where can you get a good brunch in Oshkosh WI? This list should help get you started. Our criteria: Local, non-chain restaurants (sorry, Perkins) where breakfast food is served on the weekends (Saturday, Sunday, or both) past noon. We’re also limiting this list to the downtown/main street area, because hey — folks from campus and across town need to get down here more. This is the heart of your city — come get some brunch!  Continue reading