Black Teak Renter Resources

Black Teak Renter Resources includes all the information you might need as a tenant at Black Teak Properties.

AppFolio Portal

Pay your rent online, enter a maintenance request, or fill out a rental application all through one platform!

AppFolio Portal

Rental application FAQ

Sometimes the rental application process can get a little complicated. Read over our rental application FAQ and learn about what information you’ll need to provide us when applying for a lease.

Rental AppFolio FAQ

Oshkosh utility information

Working with the Oshkosh utility companies can sometimes be a pain. Here are some resources that can help you get all of your utilities setup and under control.

Leave a review for Black Teak

We work hard to make sure you have the best Oshkosh renting experience possible. We love reviews from our residents and it allows us to see how our hard work pays off.

Renters responsibilities guide

Living in your own apartment comes with responsibilities. Look over our renters responsibilities guide so you know what you’re accountable for.

Parking in Oshkosh

Parking in Oshkosh, or any city can sometimes be a hassle. Luckily, this isn’t our first parking rodeo. Get some more information about parking here.

Food and cafes in Oshkosh

Being close to food and cafes is always a blessing. It’s really nice to have good food and drinks near where you’re living. Here are some great places that we’ve come to love.

Things to do Downtown

Parks in Oshkosh

Parks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family. Whether your just looking to go on stroll or you want to relax and grill, check out some of the parks in Oshkosh that are nearby.