Downtown Oshkosh has it all for the young professional

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oshkosh wisconsin downtownThe city of Oshkosh, WI is going through a revival from shore to shore. In addition to being a yearly destination for the world’s aviation community and those looking to get a line in the water for the excellent walleye fishing opportunities, Oshkosh is working very hard to be the next burgeoning market for the young professional. The outstanding education offered at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh has been benefiting other cities for years. This has been caused by any number of reasons, the specifics are irrelevant; let’s chalk it up to out-dated and offline thinking.

What was once a place for people to spend their time in college only to retreat to other locales, the modern Oshkosh’s rebirth is one that can be directly related to the latest industries that were unheard of even a decade ago. While we are all proud of our saw dust covered manufacturing roots, eyes have turned toward modern technology.

The epicenter for those changes is Downtown Oshkosh. A neighborhood where people can work, shop and play is not a new one. However it is new to downtown Oshkosh and by learning from the growing pains other cities have experienced, starting an adult life here has advantages that would otherwise be hard to find or unaffordable in larger cities.

Think about every person’s three most basic needs; food, clothing and shelter. Downtown Oshkosh can offer every single one of these basic needs and with a style all of its own. Downtown Oshkosh is lined on either side with historic buildings that date back to the beginning of the 20th century. With a little old fashioned hard work, those spaces are now home to homes and businesses that embrace the 21st century.

Treating friends and family to an afternoon in Downtown Oshkosh offers many of the modern, yet off-beat amenities that any major metropolitan city can offer; but for a fraction of the cost. Without breaking the bank the new young professional can find the latest trends in clothing the take an evening to entertain friends and clients at upscale pubs and restaurants.

Anyone looking at taking part in a city’s revitalization can get in on the ground floor and live their life to the fullest in Downtown Oshkosh.