Rain, Rain, Come and Play

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Things to do in Oshkosh
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Things to do in Oshkosh

If you just moved to Oshkosh, or have been living here for 30 years, it’s easy to get distracted by a rainy day and get stuck in the house. But, there are so many things to in Oshkosh on rainy days that you should make it your goal to get your umbrella ready and go explore. Oshkosh is full of museums, historic sites, and exciting shops that can take away the rainy-day blues and turn them into a day to remember.
One place in Oshkosh that is worth checking out on a rainy day is the Paine Art Center. This historic mansion is full of art and amazing rooms that tell the story of the Paine family, who are historically notorious in Oshkosh and throughout the country. The Paine Art Center also has different art exhibits from all around that are rare for the Fox Cities and around the Midwest as a whole. Right now, you can see the intricate art of Matisse.
Another place that will brighten your rainy day is the Oshkosh Public Museum. This historic museum is just across the street from the Paine Art Center, it is also a beautiful historic mansion. The building itself is enough to check out, but the wonderful permanent exhibits about old Oshkosh and also temporary exhibits that tour throughout the United States make the experience even more memorable. Right now the main exhibit at the museum is Attack of the Blood Suckers, which is hands on fun for the whole family.
Other places to go on a rainy day are the EAA Airventure museum and the Oshkosh outlet mall. At the EAA museum, you will be shocked by the planes that have been preserved since the beginning of aviation and the planes that look like they are from the future. With so much to look at, you could take your whole rainy day just for this one building. After you are done with the museums, stop by the Outlet mall to get great deals on designer clothes, modern appliances, and fun accessories.
With all these fun things to do in Oshkosh on a rainy day, and so much more, never worry about the rainy-day blues again. Now, on your next gloomy day, get out an explore!