Escape the cold and head to south for the winter

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Savannah GA carriage house vacation rental

While Oshkosh has a very special place in our hearts, there is no denying that we wish for a little warmth come January. At Black Teak Properties we have a unique opportunity for our residents and visitors that might make the winter blues fade away. We are offering a vacation rental in Savannah, GA in 2015 located right in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, which will be the perfect retreat from the Wisconsin winter. Continue reading

Ring in the new year Oshkosh style

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Happy New Year

Can we take a moment to recognize how quickly this year has flown by? We truly can’t believe 2014 is already coming to an end and 2015 is right around the corner. For those who aren’t sure what to do in Oshkosh, WI on New Year’s Eve 2014, our team at Black Teak Properties is offering a few suggestions on what to do leading up to 2015. Continue reading

Start 2015 in a cool Downtown Oshkosh apartment

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501 Merritt Oshkosh WI

A new year often encourages people to make big changes to their lives. One of the most common ways people strive to get a fresh start is by finding a new, exciting place to live. Whether starting a job in a different city or moving apartments within a current one, there is no better time to take advantage of the apartments for rent in Downtown Oshkosh 2014-2015 than at the start of a new year. Even though 2014 is coming to a close, Black Teak Properties still has some incredible places available for those looking to liven up their new year. Continue reading

Should you live with that person?

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How to vet a potential roommate

While it’s conceivable that some people will go from living with their parents to living alone to living with a significant other (or some variation involving one or more of the above), chances are if you’re like most people you’ll end up having to do the roommate thing for a while. This can be fun, and it can also be unpredictable. Moving in with someone might be the start of a lifelong friendship, or it can be the part of the story you’ll be forever telling right before the part where things get ugly. One thing’s for sure: it’s nice (and often necessary) to have someone to split the bills with, so we’re offering up some tips on how to pick someone you’ll be able to survive at least the terms of a 12-month lease with.  Continue reading