Black Teak’s Downtown Summer Bucket List

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It’s summertime, the weather’s nice and there’s so much to do in Downtown Oshkosh! We’ve compiled a list of a few must-attend events and activities happening in Downtown Oshkosh this summer. See if you can check off every one of the events on the list this summer!

IMG_2625Downtown Oshkosh Farmer’s Markets
A local favorite, the Downtown Oshkosh Farmer’s Market features local produce, delicious food vendors and crafts made by awesome people in the community. A few of our favorite things from the market include fresh-cut wildflowers, embroidered hoop art from The Steadfast Stitch and tacos from Los Tres Manantiales. They are to die for!! For more information on the Downtown Oshkosh Farmer’s Market, visit

The Live at Lunch Series
This event takes place every Wednesday in Opera House Square from 12-1pm. Live at Lunch allows you to take a break from the workday and enjoy awesome live music and eat yummy foods from local restaurants. We will be hosting the final Live at Lunch on August 16th on the front lawn of The Beach Building. One of our fave local artists, Auralai will be performing– the duo is incredibly talented, so you must check out their music here.

Another local favorite! Waterfest takes place every Thursday evening and features popular artists such as The Wallflowers, Better Than Ezra and the BoDeans. To view the entire summer lineup, visit the website here. Our favorite part about Waterfest is that veterans are admitted FREE to every Waterfest event. Also, why not make a night of it and stop at Ruby Owl Tap Room or Bar 430 for dinner before the show?

IMG_3001Main Street Music Festival
On July 26th through the 31st, various local bars and restaurants such as Barley & Hops and Peabody’s feature up-and-coming artists each evening. Featured artists include Dead Horses, The Jay Edward Band, Auralai and more! For more updates on Main Street Music Festival, visit

Downtown Chalk Walk
Artists and community members of all levels and ages are able to participate in the event and chalk up the sidewalk around Opera House Square. Visitors are encouraged to join in and watch, and of course what would any event be without food, music and entertainment! The event is August 5th from 8am-6pm.

Now this event isn’t really “downtown” per say, but it just has to be mentioned. SPLASHKOSH is Wisconsin’s newest festival that blends the best things about summer; water and concerts! So bring your friends to roar down the 200 foot slip n slide, compete in water games, eat at delicious food trucks and listen to awesome live bands. The event will take place at Red Arrow Park August 5th at 11:30am.

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Ring in the new year Oshkosh style

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Happy New Year

Can we take a moment to recognize how quickly this year has flown by? We truly can’t believe 2014 is already coming to an end and 2015 is right around the corner. For those who aren’t sure what to do in Oshkosh, WI on New Year’s Eve 2014, our team at Black Teak Properties is offering a few suggestions on what to do leading up to 2015. Continue reading

Start 2015 in a cool Downtown Oshkosh apartment

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501 Merritt Oshkosh WI

A new year often encourages people to make big changes to their lives. One of the most common ways people strive to get a fresh start is by finding a new, exciting place to live. Whether starting a job in a different city or moving apartments within a current one, there is no better time to take advantage of the apartments for rent in Downtown Oshkosh 2014-2015 than at the start of a new year. Even though 2014 is coming to a close, Black Teak Properties still has some incredible places available for those looking to liven up their new year. Continue reading

Ski’s Oshkosh is Open for Business

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Ski's Oshkosh

Ski’s Downtown Oshkosh

Newcomers to Oshkosh and the born & bred crew alike can all agree on one thing this fall: Ski’s Oshkosh is finally open, and we are all better for it. Especially for those of us living and working downtown, the necessity of driving to one of the big box grocery stores on a given weeknight for staples like bread, meat, coffee, and vegetables — a drag on our culinary inspiration if every there was one — has finally ended. Ski’s is the answer to “What can we get that’s close?” that doesn’t mean a sack of hot food plopped onto the table and our nice knife set in the kitchen — glistening, sharp, but horribly bored, unused. A walk through Ski’s Meat Market and Grocery right here in downtown Oshkosh (502 North Main Street, to be exact) and you’ll still be saddled with the question of what to have for dinner, but in the best possible way. Here’s a quick, though by no means comprehensive, virtual tour of the place to give you an idea of what we mean.   Continue reading

Time to bring the fun inside

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oshkosh winter family fun

Oshkosh Winter Activities

Winter can be a tough time for people who like to get out of the house in their free time. Sure, there are plenty of winter activities for the adventurous among us — Kids with boundless energy and adults with snow-centered hobbies like skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing have a lot to look forward to. But those of us who would rather stay indoors might see winter as one long excruciatingly long dark day of couped-up cabin fever. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! There are plenty of Oshkosh winter activities (other than your standard dining and drinking options that never get old) that are well-suited for the indoor types and can help you stay on the move throughout the snowy season. Here are some of our favorites: Continue reading

Rain, Rain, Come and Play

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Things to do in Oshkosh

Things to do in Oshkosh

If you just moved to Oshkosh, or have been living here for 30 years, it’s easy to get distracted by a rainy day and get stuck in the house. But, there are so many things to in Oshkosh on rainy days that you should make it your goal to get your umbrella ready and go explore. Oshkosh is full of museums, historic sites, and exciting shops that can take away the rainy-day blues and turn them into a day to remember.
One place in Oshkosh that is worth checking out on a rainy day is the Paine Art Center. This historic mansion is full of art and amazing rooms that tell the story of the Paine family, who are historically notorious in Oshkosh and throughout the country. The Paine Art Center also has different art exhibits from all around that are rare for the Fox Cities and around the Midwest as a whole. Right now, you can see the intricate art of Matisse.
Another place that will brighten your rainy day is the Oshkosh Public Museum. This historic museum is just across the street from the Paine Art Center, it is also a beautiful historic mansion. The building itself is enough to check out, but the wonderful permanent exhibits about old Oshkosh and also temporary exhibits that tour throughout the United States make the experience even more memorable. Right now the main exhibit at the museum is Attack of the Blood Suckers, which is hands on fun for the whole family.
Other places to go on a rainy day are the EAA Airventure museum and the Oshkosh outlet mall. At the EAA museum, you will be shocked by the planes that have been preserved since the beginning of aviation and the planes that look like they are from the future. With so much to look at, you could take your whole rainy day just for this one building. After you are done with the museums, stop by the Outlet mall to get great deals on designer clothes, modern appliances, and fun accessories.
With all these fun things to do in Oshkosh on a rainy day, and so much more, never worry about the rainy-day blues again. Now, on your next gloomy day, get out an explore!

Spend your Saturday morning in Oshkosh

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oshkosh wisconsin downtownOshkosh Farmers Market

With the name “the event city,” Oshkosh has some large shoes to fill. The plethora of music festivals throughout the summer, the famous EAA, and numerous fishing tournaments all year round definitely give Oshkosh a reason for this prestigious name. While these events are exciting, let’s not look past the smaller events that bring the local community together, particularly the weekly Farmers Market. Continue reading

Oshkosh continues to adapt in 21st Century

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downtown oshkosh office spaceAs a city, Oshkosh, WI has known boom and bust as well as loss and resurgence. Oshkosh found its foot holds in the area being a top location for a number of lumber mills that once lined the banks of the Fox River. After five major fires that all but burned the city to the ground, Oshkosh was forced to change. Following the lumber boom, the next big industry in Oshkosh was manufacturing. Everything from the best luggage in the world, to woven mats, rugs and carpets to industrial vehicles were built here. The various economic downturns that occurred throughout the 20th century took its toll on the city. However, with a new millennium underway, the eyes of Oshkosh’s leaders are always focused on the horizon.

Hard work and taking risks are not new ideas to the residents of Oshkosh. In fact, it could easily be argued that hard work and risk taking are among the city’s founding principles. With that in mind, Oshkosh is becoming a center for maximizing the use of technology. There are a surprising number of companies that operate within the city limits that are on the cutting edge of their respective industry. The success of these companies has led to more than a trickledown effect; a waterfall would be more accurate. Continue reading